Montecristo River Lodge started as a private commitment of ONE PERSON, making a

A  Revolutionary SANDINISTA in the late 70’s, & earliest 80’s. CONTRA SYMPATHIZER in the
middle 80’s,.

U.S. Citizen & U.S. NAVY Sailor veteran in the late 80’s., an import export businessmen in
Miami Florida in the early 90’s, and  a Nicaraguan/American exile in the rest of the 90’s.

Now in real life, building a revolutionary dream of social justice and sustainable development,
applying good practice, in a sustainable development environment, within the local
communities, and the MONTECRISTO’S project, since 1999.

Son of a Nicaraguan father, an industrialist leader in the dairy field, and a West Virginian,
mother from the good old U.S.A.  Both graduated from Virginia State University. Now diseased,
but well remembered by all Nicaraguan.

It is my goal to follow my father advice; I must persevere, ‘To be the best at what I do, no
matter what I do”. I’m saving for future generation part of the rain forest, no matter what.

Protect the Rain forest of the jungles of Nicaragua’s majestic San Juan River, is Llanes’s
destiny. Please help and enjoy responsible while you’re a guest in this land...

Alfonso Agustin Llanes and his project RESERVA SILVESTRE PRIVADA MONTECRISTO &
MONTECRISTO RIVER LODGE started in 1998. When he decided to make an exploratory trip
to San Juan River. His own young kid dream, in Nicaragua’s Amazon! A jungle river adventure.
As described by Dr. Jaime Incer Barquero’s “Geoagrafia de Nicaragua”., writing  that keep
Alfonso’s dream alive for more than 25 years.

Violeta Chamorro new government and emerging peace in Nicaragua made possible for exiles
Nicaraguan to return and work for their beloved land. Alfonso Agustin Llanes Whitesell destiny
was waiting in San Juan River, close to El Castillo, were history was made.

Now presently destined to make new history, protecting the eco-system, by developing
sustainable alternative such as tourism or reforestation with perpetual cash crops. (Small to
medium size cacao, raicilla {medicinal plants}, vanilla & spices plantation.)

To provide economic alternatives for the poor resident of the jungle and stop the advance of
the agricultural frontier, thus protecting the environment for future generation...

We are environmentally friendly, please enjoy responsible. Welcome to our rain forest jungle.

Come help our cause, help the planet, and make a difference.  Be green, be proud of it, and
come visit us.

(We are at the end of 2013, and are struggling to keep our business and proyect alive, we
need your business to survive this economic crisis, please come to our lodge or help us with
some donation.)

We are looking for Non Governmental Organisation ONG to help us expand our protect

Thanks for your understanding

Alfonso Agustín Llanes
Rio San Juan, Planet Earth.