Boat arriving at Montecristo, Rio San Juan

La Costeña’s planes now depart only 2
days per week,Thursday and Sunday due
to the new paved road. The cost of round trip Managua –
San Carlos is $116.00, La Costeña’s phone in San
Carlos is (505) 2583-037

For reservation Managua: 505-2263-2142
e-mail  Mr. Julio

he Ferry is not running now as June 25 because the
lake water level is to shallow. As the rain pickup it will
star running some time in July.
Now use the bus that leave Granada with the same

This passage lasts 14 hours and begins in the port city of Granada.
Where the ferry departs for the island of Ometepe, San Miguelito,
Morrito and the river port city of San Carlos, birth place of the
majestic San Juan River.

Leaves twice a week from Granada: (Monday and Thursday at 2:00 PM).
It crosses Lake Nicaragua (Cocibolca), Stop in Altagracia at Ometepe
Island, at Morrito and San Miguelito port. Pass the Solentiname Island,
arriving to the port of San Carlos, some time early in the next morning
(around 5 or 7:00 AM.)

Return San Carlos to Granada: (Tuesday and Friday at 2:00 Pm)

The passage cost C$ 90.00 Cordoba’s below deck, and C$ 180.00 Cordoba’
s for what they call first class, (air condition, chair, TV.)., bring your
hammock to sleep at night.  Now they offer VIP service for one cabin
with 2 bunk bed, fan, private bath and TV/VCR for C$ 1,000.00 one way.
For information call ENAP 2552-2966

From the new Border Crossing at Las Tablillas. Now you
can drive all the way to Boca de Sabalos.
More info in
this link

From Los Chiles, Costa Rica, in public boats  departing form
the Custom/Immigration dock at Los Chiles,at 1:00 Pm and
at 3 PM, it cost $10.00 US plus 500 Colones for Alcaldia.

In our private boat direct from Los Chiles to
Montecristo, just stopping for Immigration at San
Carlos, Nicaragua. About $320.00 US one way for up to
10 person.

San Carlos to Los Chiles Monday to Saturday at 10:30 am,
1:30 pm, and 4:00 pm Sunday 11:00 am and 1:30 pm

From San Carlos it is possible to get to
MonteCristo and any other tourist destiny in
public transport boats, which leave the
harbor five times a day.

Water Taxi to Montecristo leaving San Carlos
at 6 1/2, 10 1/2 AM and 4 1/2 PM costs
C$120.00 Cordobas $6.00 US

Regular boats Leaving San Carlos at 8:00, 12:00
AM, 2 1/2, 3 1/2 PM cost C$90.00 Cordobas  $
4.00 U.S.

By Chicken Bus, San Carlos to Boca de Sabalos,
there are 4 buses making daily run. Ask for

If you don't want to use the public transport
you can hire a private boat. San Carlos to
Montecristo $220.00 up to 10 person in the

We offer boat rental with driver/guide for
private transportation and tours. $250.00 per
day plus fuel, up to 6 person in the boat
Montecristo Eco lodge is located 43 Km from
San Carlos, Rio San Juan, between the jungle
river port town of Sabalos and the historic
town of El Castillo. In front of the
Sombrero de Cuero Island.

Contact us In the Lodge* (505) 8649-9012

La Portuaria in San Carlos, Rio San Juan
Montecristo River Lodge, Rio San Juan, Nicaragua
3 ways to get  to Rio San Juan
By ship crossing lake Nicaragua
By land in Buses or rental car
BY LAND, 300 km FROM MANAGUA By private
vehicle or a Rental.
A 4 hour drive.

Minivan rental for up to 15 people Managua San Carlos-Managua $200.00
+fuel. call Israel Hdez. Berrios 83751888

For larger group up to 30 call Adan Gaitan 2267 0047 2270 1604 2270
1605 Fax 2278 5167 Cel.: 8882 1296
How to get to Montecristo River Lodge,
in Rio San Juan,Nicaragua
river boat, public  transportation
La Costeña airplane at San Carlos
Air Route:
La Costeña (505) 2263-2142
To cross the Costarican / Nicaraguan border
To come from Granada, there is a Bus that
leave Granada to San Carlos, the bus leave
from the port of Granada on Mondays and
Thursdays at 11:00 and 2:00 PM. it take about 7
hours ride. Arrives at San Carlos at about 9:00
Pm. and you should plan on sleeping in San
Carlos that night, and take the early boat to our
lodge next morning.
GuiaLocal en Nicaragua - Montecristo River Lodge, Frente Isla Sombrero de Cuero, San Carlos, Rio San Juan, Nicaragua